Is Online Lending The Next Big Thing?

Have you ever been in fixed situation or an emergency arises and it is a weekend? Many feel frustrated and unable to solve or help their situations. But the revolution and changes in technology and innovation has made it possible for self-service loan application process online. Online lending or loan is the next big thing and life changing moment in the lending sector. It can be simple interactive online platform that is managed using a website or just over the phone.

Sharing of individuals details in most of the countries has made online lending to grow and to gain popularity. Many banks and other lending institutions are now taking their lending process online with guaranteed loan approval. With such improvements and innovation banks and other lending institutions are reducing on their operation costs as long as salary payment is concern and hence the way to go.

Though online loan holds a very high risk factor to the lending institution considering that everything is done remotely, there advantages still out do the challenges.

Advantages of online loans to existing or first-time clients.


Online loans are available 24/7, a client at any given time of the day or night can always apply and get a credit facility. It takes the worries of the weekend and holidays from the mind of a customer for it is based on self-service. At the comfort on one’s seat or bed they can disburse the loan for themselves and use the money.

Online loans are also convenient in terms of payment and disbursement .Since at this point the client is in full control of the system he or she can pay and borrow at the convenient time. It is almost being called the fifth pocket since the money is always close to you and you have full control of it.

They do not have any delay hence they are very fast. Applying loans online means you can do the whole process remotely. Since all the processes are automated, it has no other human interaction within the institution and the excuse of delayed approval is a thing of the past. The system approves your request immediately and you can never be frustrated.

Online loans also saves you the time of going to the bank to queue and get the assistance from the lending institution or officer. You can simple send your phone to the bank and still have the money or login to your computer and disburse then transact for yourself.

The clients are also saved the cost of the processing fee of the loans. Since the client does the whole processes at personal level. Loan processing fee is charged at zero of reduced by 90% as compared to visiting the lending institution.

The appraisal system is system based and a client is responsible for the limit building. Those clients who take loans and pay at the right time get upper limit as compare to defaulters hence this encourages the customer to be loyal to his account

Online loans also will give the client an opportunity to see the outstanding balance of the loan at any given time. It is also transparent and so any hidden charges cannot be imposed on the client. The clients can also borrow from different online lending platforms with ease and at the same time.

With the great benefits of online loans, they are too sensitive when it come to the payment. Since the limit is appraised by the system any delay in payment can lead to blacklisting of the customer. It is therefore important to note on the payday of the loan and the amount to be paid.

Loans are Important when a client has a purpose for it. If you have no purpose for a loan you should avoid it until a clear picture of what you intent to do with the loan is set. This can lead to bad credit payday of loan. To avoid struggles on loan payment, you should set a date that coincides with the date of your returns. If you get a salary and you intend to use your salary to pay the loan, the payday of the loan should be a few day after the payday of your salary. If you are in business you can set a daily target or a weekly target of the amount that will be set aside to help pay the loan without difficulty on the payday.